Thursday 28 April 2011

Ivan Bilibin

 Baba Yaga
 Vasilisa the Beautiful

At the moment I am enjoying the work of early 20th century Russian folk artist Ivan Bilibin. His depictions of bizarre creatures in nature are surreal, intricately executed and quite beautiful. 

Wednesday 27 April 2011

boy in a ditch

 Some screen prints from the development process of our current self-initiated studio project. I have chosen to investigate printing techniques, using imagery/text related to the idea of humans being lost in natural forms. The screen printing process can be stressful but extremely rewarding when all goes to plan. I intend to be doing a lot more of it in future...

disco bill

The results of my first session in the case room, experimenting with different fonts and word arrangements. The text is derived from recorded background conversations in studio. Although mistakes are evident (text being cut off at the edge of the paper/ insufficient pressure applied in the printing press) I enjoy the aesthetic of these imperfections.

Thursday 21 April 2011

seven-legged horse

Some attempts at making a horse stencil
for a t shirt.............................................

....................and the final result. I have realised that more detail and a cleaner edge can be achieved by using newsprint for stencils instead of cereal boxes. Who'd have thought it?
 Now you can buy this t shirt here!

Sunday 3 April 2011

Jesper Waldersten

I discovered this Swedish artist/illustrator during a rummage in a bookshop in Stockholm. His drawings are simple, witty, stylish and at times a little dark. I am in love. You can see more of his stuff here.

john knox sex club

I play the violin in a band. I also make posters and covers for them sometimes.

upside down cat?

Over the last while I've been attempting t-shirt printing in my free time. Me, a silk screen (some of the time), my ironing board, are some of the first efforts. It's definitely a learning curve.

 And the prep/some experimenting.